Article: Ilford

I went to primary school in Ilford, Essex and, whilst I have a lot of affection for the place, it ain’t the prettiest.  So imagine my surprise when Ilford was the “fastest growing European tourist destination” for 2011.  Being the only guy who had actually heard of the place on the Times Opinion desk, naturally, I wrote a quick post!

What do Nigel Benn, Paul Ince and Noel Edmonds have in common?

They all hail from Ilford in Essex, the fastest growing European tourist destination in 2011. No, really.

I spent my primary school years in Ilford, did my first job there and then worked for Redbridge Council. There is a nice park, a small shopping centre and a bustling high street.

I love Ilford. But a tourist destination it is not.

As it’s less than 10 minutes from Stratford by train, I’m guessing that people are looking for places to stay within reach of the Olympic Stadium.


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