Blog: AWOL (and career woes…)

Given that writing, particularly creative writing, is socially acceptable schizophrenia, I have to pretend I have millions of followers to satisfy my own egotistical tendencies…

So here is an apology to all my readers for my lack of activity on this blog since the initial set-up.  I have been busy at work and, perhaps more critically, been struggling with negotiating the career crossroads I find myself in at the moment.

I’m in a politically-restricted post at work, which means I have to be very careful about what I write about (seeing as this blog is under my REAL name!).  This has been frustrating for me because some of the juiciest things that have happened in the last few weeks are inherently political – Cash for Access, Pasty Tax, Granny Tax, United winning the league…(well, the last one ain’t political but MAN it’s a great feeling knowing we’re practically going to tomorrow).

But needless to say, I’ll be trying my best to write more often (nothing like a public declaration to get me moving eh?)


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