Blog: Failed promises…but new opportunities

The last time I wrote on this blog (2 October 2012), I said I was back.

Clearly, I haven’t been.  “Why Eshaan?! Why?!” I hear you scream.  “Why did you build our hopes up this way?”  I have no answer for that my friend.  I really don’t.  But I’ll try and explain some of it.

After my last post, I spent a couple of weeks still recovering from that broken wrist.  I did go to work but all that typing really wasn’t good for me and, as a result, the recovery took a little longer than expected.

In that time, my mum started studying after 36 painful years of looking after her family.  I’ve been encouraging her to do this for about 7 years, and it was great when she finally took the plunge to do a Certificate in Higher Education in Legal Methods at Birkbeck College (where I did my Masters) with a view to studying Law after its completion.  Helping her make that transition has been inspiring, heart-warming and, at times, incredibly funny.  Soon after starting, she said, “Everyone keeps saying I need to Google this or Google that…what’s my Google?”  When I explained it helps you search websites to find information on anything you need, she asked, quite practically I feel, “how many websites are there?”

You see, my mother is frightfully intelligent.  She had to grow up pretty quickly and can see the wood from the trees better than anyone I know.  But put the internet in front of her and she’ll wilt like spinach.  She is the ultimate technophobe and believes, and I mean genuinely believes, that the pace of technological advancement will leave too many people behind resulting in a mass uprising and societal oblivion.  It’s a compelling argument.

So the technological expectations of modern-day study has been a culture shock for her.  And her old school approach of taking notes upon notes upon notes and hand writing essays (my brother has typed these up for her to date) has been a culture shock for other students on her course.  But nevertheless, she enjoys learning and I’m incredibly proud of her.

Early in November I went to Istanbul for a week’s holiday.  What a wonderful city.  I’ve got a little blog piece lined up about my travels there but it won’t be a typical travel log…so look out for that!

And finally, I recently lined up a 3-week stint with the weekend team at Sky News HD in February 2013.  I’m really excited by this opportunity as broadcasting is something I’ve always wanted to do.  In fact, I’ve had to put up with jibes of “You look like Krishnan (Guru-Murthy, Channel 4 broadcaster)” my whole professional life – my white colleagues lazy attempt to find a celebrity look-alike for me you see.

So I have been pretty busy but that’s still no acceptable excuse for breaking a promise.  I won’t be making any promises this time – except to myself to say that I’ll try much harder to post more regularly!