Blog: Twenty Thirteen

After that “Summer of Sport”, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and those fireworks over London (11 minutes!), 2013 is finally upon us. And before you can say “damn, that went quick”, 1 January is coming to an end.

It’s clichéd to make New Year’s Resolutions. This time, I’m going for something a little different. A friend recently reminded me how we are all creatures of habit. We exist by pretty much doing the same thing over and over again – ordering the same food, waking up at the same time during the week, having the same routine etc. So my aim is to change at least 1 habit a month (12 habits of the year). The idea being that, over time, what were “bad” habits will be come “good” habits. And eventually, they’d be subject to review too!

One of the habits I definitely want to change is to write more – particularly as my stint at Sky News is now only 4 weeks away. I need to get into the habit of finding something interesting to write about and writing about it. We’ll see how that goes – I had intended to write my first article today about how Britain owes it to itself to be more honest about its limitations in today’s world if it is to stand any chance of “success” in 2013 – but, believe it or not, Ribena came in the way.

Yes you read correctly. Ribena. A Ribena spillage on my Mac meant I spent the whole of today backing everything up on an external hard drive (this takes a long time if you don’t do it regularly). The £600+ repair cost moved me to take decisive action but, since then, the Mac seems to be running ok, save for the random crash here and there and a very slow shutdown time. I may well be in the market for a new laptop in a couple of days pending the outcome of a diagnostic test from one of those local “telecommunications” shops run by Pakistanis. He’s pretty confident he can do a decent job for a fraction of the price…! Gotta love their entrepreneurial spirit – so we’ll see how that works out.

I’m gonna head off and watch Match of the Day now (ManYoo put 4 past Wigan and we’re still top..come on you Reds!) but that GB piece I mentioned earlier is definitely in the pipeline.

Happy New Year and here’s to a fun year of me writing and you reading!

Thanks 🙂


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